Stance Biggie Juicy Socks (yellow)

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The product of growing up in Brooklyn, The Notorious B.I.G was the definition of street hip hop. He was able to put his own struggle into words with the lyrics to “Juicy” which gave others hope. This proclamation that it only takes ambition to change your life was a strong message to the world and proof you can make something out of yourself no matter what you were blessed with or without.

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— Υλικό: 43% Polyester, 41% Combed Cotton, 10% Nylon 4% Elastane
— Πλένεται μέχρι τους 40°
— Style:  Classic Crew
— Μεγέθη: (M = 37-41) (L = 42-46)
— Χρώμα: Yellow

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