Guarantee Policy

The product warranty policy relates to the policy pursued by RIDEON, taking into account the warranty policy of each company with which we work, regarding spare parts that are considered defective or unsuitable for use. Each company offers a different warranty for its products, for a specific period of time and especially if the cause of the problem is due to the manufacturer. In order for a product warranty policy to apply, you must contact RIDEON as soon as a defect is detected, and in no case act independently.

Limited Warranty Policy regarding manufacturing defect.

The Warranty Policy followed by all the companies we work with is the limited warranty policy against a defect caused by the manufacturer. In other words, if you buy a product and take it out of the package, it has a problem such as a dent or some other issue that makes it defective for use, such as the seat tube being smaller in diameter than the common saddles and does not fit, then a construction error has been made. In this case you should contact our company, examine the case and act according to the guarantee provided by each company. Remember that:

  • Each case is examined differently and in detail by us and the respective company before deciding whether the product is defective due to a manufacturing problem. The period from the examination of the product until its change, if it is judged that it meets the conditions of change, can last from 1 week to 1 month, depending on availability of the specific product.
  • You must be the original buyer and keep your receipt
  • Do not exceed the time limit set by each company (usually from 30 to 90 days from the purchase of the product)
  • Do not try to “work” on the product, either by forcing it or hitting it. Remember, any product you buy should be installed on your bike by a qualified engineer and not yourself.
  • Most importantly, no cracking, warping or any other problem in the product has been caused by misuse or misplacement . If for any reason the product is broken or damaged by your own action , the product warranty is not covered under any circumstances.

Ways to communicate

Regarding the way of communication, messages related to the guarantee policy on social media (facebook, instagram, etc.) can not be processed by our company with due care, because these media are used strictly to promote advertising material

If you find that your product is defective from its manufacturer for use, please contact us in the following two ways:

  • by phone at 2310234949
  • via email at